About the Platform

The AIM Ethics Reporting Platform™ is simple and easy to use. Comprised with elements on an internet-based interface, the platform will reflect a company’s code of conduct. This approach involves consulting with the company’s attorney (or ours) to create the logistics around monitoring reports from employees.

  • Website dedicated to receiving reports.
  • AIM will purchase and manage this website as part of the platform.
  • A statement indicating the person reporting should understand that reported violations will be documented and investigated by the company.
  • Questions revolving around the identity of the reporter, the violation itself, including time, people involved, etc.
  • Documentation with a tracking number for the report itself
  • Notification to responsible parties within the company that a violation has been reported
  • Monthly reports
  • An admin panel listing all the reports for company personnel responsible for ethics tracking

AIM will train a company’s personnel once the website is built, create “rules and regulations” governing the reporting to share with employees, and help the company manage the process. As the third-party manager, AIM seeks to help companies deal with any issues that are reported in a timely and appropriate manner.