How Does It Work?

The AIM Ethics Reporting Platform captures ethics & compliance reports from across your organization in a centralized platform. With this tool, you’ll be able to investigate these reports efficiently.

AIM Ethics Reporting Platform helps you document all reports. We will help you manage your reporting and documentation process, streamlining it to ensure each report is documented. In other words, we’ll help you manage your risks.

Users go to a website we create specifically for your company that collects information on code of conduct information for the company (created by AIM at the beginning of the process). Once there, the person reporting the violation does the following:

  1. Agree that he or she wants to report a violation to the company’s Code of Conduct by clicking a box and then clicking “continue.”
  2. Read a statement regarding the report provided by the company about anonymity, operation of the report by a third-party (AIM), acknowledgement that the person reporting is an employee of the company and reporting “in good faith,” and anything else that the company’s legal counsel advises, including that the report will be aggressively investigated or words thereof. The person reporting must agree with the statement in order to continue.
  3. Answer a series of questions created by the company, including the option of remaining anonymous, the person’s involvement in the violation (i.e., victim or witness, etc.), a report of the specific violation, when it occurred, who was involved and other questions created by legal counsel on the ethics of the violation.
  4. Once complete, the person reporting is required to review the information provided, the answers provided for accuracy, and then check a box that they have done so. Then the person clicks SUBMIT REPORT and is shown a report “reference number” for reporting additional details, or follow up by the company if appropriate.

Then it’s up to the company personnel to investigate and resolve the situation.